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There are 2 ways to donate to the BCPS Employees for Freedom Society:

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  2. send an Interac e-transfer to (add a comment of ‘donation’ and optionally, include an impact area to let us know where you would like the funds allocated.

Impact areas: Area of greatest need; Class Action for Unionized Provincial Employees; General operating fund, Hardship Fund, Legal Fees

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What We Do with the Funds We Raise

Funds help pay for:

  • legal fees towards our legal actions
  • hardship fund to “take care of one another” as required under our Karmic Retainer with the lawyer who represents us
  • minor administrative costs to operate our non-profit society

Our Mission

As B.C. public servants we are committed to upholding the rights of all peoples, as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We are profoundly concerned by the implementation of mandatory proof of vaccination policies in our workplaces, the violation of employees’ medical privacy and human rights, and the associated coercion, discrimination and censorship of employees by public sector employers.

These infringements on the rights and freedoms of workers are grave threats to our democracy and the livelihood of all Canadians. Medical coercion and the violation of human rights are contrary to public service values.

We invite everyone who supports our cause to join with us to protect and advance the rights and freedoms of all British Columbians.

About Us

The BCPS Employees for Freedom Society is a volunteer-run, registered not-for-profit society in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.  Read more about Who We Are


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