BCPSEF – BC Public Sector Employees for Freedom has launched legal actions against the medical coercion and discrimination being imposed by the BC Public Service Agency on its employees through its workplace Covid 19 vaccine mandate (Order in Council 627). 

All legal actions will be listed here. Check back regularly for updates.

Class Action for Unionized Provincial Employees

What can I do to help?

Our legal campaign is a critical, precedent-setting fight to ensure the preservation of all workers’ employment and Charter rights in British Columbia and Canada for generations to come. We appreciate your support!

Consider making a donation to BCPSEF to help us raise funds to support the plaintiff. Anyone can donate—you don’t have to join the class action or be a BCPSEF member or current or former provincial government employee to contribute.

  • Join the class action – if you’re one of the people affected
  • Tell everyone you know about the class action – we have more supporters than we realize!
  • Talk to current or former unionized colleagues about the class action – let them know they
    could be part of it
  • Become a member of BCPSEF if you haven’t already to stay up to date with current happenings
  • Subscribe to our public newsletter
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