Statement on Dismissal of Injunction to Stop Vaccine Mandate Terminations

April 1, 2022

BCPS Employees for Freedom (BCPSEF) respects the ruling of B.C. Supreme Court today to dismiss a petition brought by four non-union B.C. public servants to temporarily pause, by way of an interlocutory injunction, their termination for not providing proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

While we are disappointed with today’s ruling, which now removes any legal impediment for the BC Public Service to terminate employees for cause and deny them severance pay and Employment Insurance, we look forward to the full constitutional case to be argued in B.C. Supreme Court the week of May 16, 2022, against this heavy-handed mandate.

Although some employees have received termination notices already, we sincerely hope the BC Public Service will not move to terminate more public servants in this summary fashion before the May judicial review of the provincial government’s Order in Council 627 and the BC Public Service’s Human Resources Policy 25 which enact the mandate.

We are glad this injunction application has brought attention to the plight of B.C. public servants facing summary dismissal and thank our many supporters for their kind wishes and donations.

We continue to fight for B.C. public servants’ constitutional rights, in addition to their employment rights, medical privacy and bodily autonomy in the face of unjust workplace mandates.

Quote: “We look forward to bringing forward this very important constitutional case and seeking full damages for our clients.”

Umar Sheikh, BCPSEF Legal Counsel, Crease Harman LLP –