A brief holistic summary to the efficacy and ethical concerns of the vaccine mandates; set to a hauntingly compelling rendition of the Canadian anthem which reminds one of the integrity and freedom upon which our nation was formed. United we stand for truth, free and informed consent, science-based solutions, choice, freedom, and each other. This video was recorded at the silent protest in Victoria, BC on November 7, 2021.

On November 7, 2021 workers across sectors gathered in Victoria, Nelson, William’s Lake, Kelowna, and Vancouver to stand in solidarity against medical coercion. Across all five locations thousands of nurses, longshoremen, police officers, paramedics, court clerks, social workers, correction officers, public administrators, conservation officers, linemen, healthcare professionals, fire fighters, and other public servants gathered to protest the unlawful vaccine mandates that several sectors of government have implemented.

Over 3000 healthcare workers have already been put on unpaid leave due to their refusal to release their private medical information. Health Minister Adrian Dix and PHO Bonnie Henry have blamed these healthcare workers for the increased delays in health services rather than look to their own totalitarian policies as the cause. We workers hope that the province sees how many more skilled and experienced workers that are not easily replaced are going to make the same choice those 3000 healthcare workers did. United we stand.