Purolator Canada Arbitration Decision Discussion

On January 23, 2024, special guest Suzanne Anton, KC joined BCPS Employees for Freedom members, together with members of United Healthcare Workers of BC and BC Paramedics United, for a discussion on the Purolator Canada arbitration decision refuting Dr. Bonnie Henry’s rationale for ongoing COVID-19 workplace vaccine mandates, the Federal Court of Canada decision (PDF) that found the federal government had illegally invoked the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa in 2022, and the corruption and politicization of B.C. labour unions by the BC NDP government.

Watch the video here:

We’re very grateful for Ms. Anton and members of UHCWBC and BCPU for joining us as our guests. You can follow Suzanne on X at: @SuzanneAnton

Suzanne Anton X

Our legal campaigns are critical, precedent-setting fights to ensure the preservation of all workers’ employment and Charter rights in British Columbia and Canada for generations to come. 

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BCPS Employees for Freedom is a registered not-for-profit society in the Province of British Columbia. We are a diverse group of public servants who stand together for medical privacy and bodily autonomy to protect our colleagues, families, the communities we serve and future generations. Read more About us.

We are leading a legal campaign to bring about accountability and justice for the B.C. government’s proof of COVID-19 vaccination mandate for BC Public Service employees that resulted in hundreds of unnecessary wrongful terminations, thousands of early retirements, and the violation of 38,000 public servants’ medical privacy and bodily autonomy. We hold regular member meetings and advocate on behalf of current and former public servants of municipal, provincial and federal government organizations, and publicly funded non-governmental organizations, in British Columbia.

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