BCPSEF – BC Public Sector Employees for Freedom – is a registered Not-for-Profit Society made up of current and former BC public servants (vaccinated and unvaccinated) who stand for medical privacy and bodily autonomy.

BCPSEF has launched legal actions against the medical coercion and discrimination being imposed by the BC Public Service Agency on its employees through its workplace Covid 19 vaccine mandate (Order in Council 627). 

United We Stand

Membership Categories

Whether you are a public servant, former public servant or member of the general public, we welcome you to join us as a BCPSEF society member.

There are two categories of membership offered: 

  • BC Public Sector Employees (current/former)
  • Non Public Sector Workers (general public)

Membership Benefits Overview

There are slight differences between the two categories of memberships.  Please review the following document for further information prior to applying:

If you have any questions, please email: admin@bcpsforfreedom.com