Open Letter to BCGEU & PEA re: Mandatory Vaccination Policies

“As the BCGEU President, you are responsible for addressing problems affecting the union’s members, responding and engaging with all members and developing concrete strategies through direct consultation. We respectfully request you fulfill those responsibilities to this group regarding the concern(s) we raise herein.”………
“The human rights and informed consent law that I have summarized in this letter, is very longstanding and oft-applied in Canada. This law will not be overthrown by the hasty ideological decisions of human rights tribunals and transitory governments chasing the passing winds of public opinion in these turbulent times.”

Open Letter to Lori Wanamaker, Head of the BC Public Service

“The Proposed Policy as outlined in your October 5, 2021 email and in the BCPS’ COVID-19 response FAQs document is unlawful, unconstitutional, discriminatory
and unethical. The only acceptable outcome is to withdraw the Proposed Policy, acknowledge your misjudgment, and allow BCPS employees to carry on with their jobs without further coercive and unjustified interference in their personal lives and private medical decisions.”